Take two

Day 3

At dawn, we set out from the Wyvren to go rescue the people left behind by the dwarf. The walk was pleasant and the weather worked with us. A short 2 hour walk does wonders for the morale.

Except for Char and his horse. He just bought the thing yesterday – before the zombie attack. Unfortunately ‘Clompy’ didn’t survive. Who names their horse ‘Clompy’? Coney spent the whole two hours needling Char about it.

We got to the church. Looked like somebody holed up pretty tight. Char was about to take a crowbar to the front door when we heard a scream of terror from the inside.

“Hello the church” I called out. “AAAAIIIGh – who is it?” “Rammell and his merry men!” I answered, gaining a few odd looks from my companions. “How do I know you aren’t zombies?” “Have the zombies called out ‘hello’ to you before attacking?” Starting to get annoyed “No” “Shall we leave, and come back later?”

I heard a thud and the crossbar fall off. The door opens to find 3 people plus a witless priest inside. A short question and answer period tells us that 1. zombies are in town 2. the mayor may know what’s going on

We figured that the regular folks would be safer in numbers, so we escort them back to the Wyvren only to find – wait for it- everybody dead.

We trudge back to the church once more (6 hours of walking now in case you weren’t keeping count) and locked them up. Killing people I don’t know is one thing, but taking out somebody I have shagged is something else entirely. It is time to stop this, now.

We head into town, and surrounding the community well we see about 20 of the zombies. No problem. A quick strategy session and we attack.

How things went so badly is something that I will never understand. Reana, the druid – master of plants, commands the local shrubbery to grasp and entangle the zombies. A writhing mass of weeds and elderberries bushes managed to capture or delay…. 2. The rest are now charging at us.

No problem, we have some distance on them, and a Ranger right here, the mighty Thargrim. Deadly with his bow, his arrows rain death on those that oppose us.

He misses….and misses…. and misses.

We are prepared even for this. Plan C – Char, warrior of the sword. A stonebrother upon whom the waves enemies will crash and he stands firm. Nothing can penetrate his armor, his mighty axe brings release our opponents.

He takes a blow to the head, and takes a little nap.

Thargrim, seeing Char go down erupts with a primal guttural roar that stood the hair up on my neck. He redoubled his attack on these spawns of hell. Dropping his bow, he pulled out his sword and without preamble swings to decapitate the closest zombie.

He missed.

Marcus falls next. Unable to hold back this amazingly nimble force.

Before I could really understand what was happening…. our band of hardy adventurers was reduced to Ron (who has been backing up since the plant spell failed), Reanna (who having expended her spells, was useful as a human pick), Coney and myself. I was bleeding from every limb and wasn’t sure just how many of these zombies it would require to finally take me down.

This was starting to get serious.

We maneuvered around the battlefield, steadily reducing their numbers. The tide was turning! Coney made a desperate effort to distract the zombies before losing too much blood and falling unconscious. It worked though, and Ron dropped another with his fingers of death – I know, but that’s what he calls them.

Reanna went down next, just as my sword felled the final enemy. Ron and I rescued the party members who were actively getting dragged off. We stabilized everybody and got them all back to the church somehow.

We spent a few hours recuperating at the church. We must have dented the zombie army’s forces enough that they did not attack us that night, thank the gods. I’m not sure I could have held off another attack.

We set the next day to the mayor’s house trying to understand what has happening. Clues led us to the town graveyard, so we cautiously approached.

We found dozens of zombies there, digging up graves and delivering them to the mausoleum in the back.

Well, since the plan worked nearly perfectly the first time, we decided to give it another go.

Reana entangled 15 of the buggers this time. Maybe the grass was longer here than in town. Thargrim’s bow started singing and the sound of zombies dropping kept the beat nicely.

As they charged us, we cut them down. Very soon we had a large pile of bodies in front of us and they kept coming. With the exception of three, they seemed mindless and committed. There were three in the back that seemed to have more intelligence. Enough to throw a few spells our way. They did little to stop or even slow us down.

Wasn’t all fun and games though, as we soon found out. A lucky attack on Char leaves his throat torn open and a very surprised look on his face as he collapses. Marcus jumped to his side in a heroic, if pointless attempt to save his life. The blood covered the grass we were fighting ankle deep in the life force of our friend.

I’ll never forget that – never.

When we had dispatched almost all the zombies, a red glow appeared from the Mausoleum. A figure came out, told his zombie army (what was left of them) to kill us – as if they hadn’t been trying to do that already- and teleported out.

The three leader zombies were impervious to our weapons somehow, but much slower. We were able to stay away from them and discover where all the zombies were coming from.

A disgusting, purple, worm crawled out of the crypt. No, not one of those purple worms – this one was much smaller. It wiggled towards us and expelled a zombie on the way.


Thargrim’s bow made short work of this worm and the remaining zombies fell to the ground. We will have to find out what is going on around here.

The next day, we had a short ceremony for Char. He asked us that if he went to the final reward, we should crumble him up like a piece of paper and bury him like that.

Don’t ask me – dwarves are weird.

Take two

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