Ron Roarke

Transmutation Wizard


“Pray you never live in interesting times” growing up the old would say this and it always puzzled me. Who wouldn’t want to live in interesting times? Life growing up was drudgery. I prayed for ANYTHING interesting to happen. I finished my education and was drafted by our ‘king’ right out of the academy. Fifteen years of struggling to master the twisted arts of magic and it is now my ‘Honor to prepare and strengthen our lord’s soldiers for battle’ and I thought the academy was dull. Huzzah!

This went on for several months. Train, march, train, march, dig a ditch, march some more. I was just starting to enjoy the marching part, at least the scenery would change as you moved. The army had massed in the hills and my unit was dispatched to watch an overlook. Basically a slightly flat spot surrounded on three sides by drops of dozens of feet. Not enough to inspire poets or woo lovers but enough to break the neck of any foolish enough to stumble over. This was a day had been like any other.

Study, march, march, march, eat something, march, march, oh look a froggie, march, eat again, march march, march, dig a ditch, dig another ditch, eat something, listen to the damn minstrel brag about the things women have let him get away with. Honestly… I think orc’s are less offensive to women. Collapse into a bed roll and hope morning doesn’t arrive before I am ready.

It was that night that I realized that ‘interesting times’ are to be avoided. It was the smell of smoke that first alerted us. We were almost ready when the bastards’ swarmed out of the trees into our camp. Almost proved to be enough.

Ron Roarke

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