Obsidian Fane

From the Journal of Loremaster Weekes


My grandchildren have known nothing but this gods-forsaken war. And my soul has become less for it.

I would not be so troubled if it was not for the base of this conflict. The propagandists would have you believe our cause is just; that we struggle to free our neighbor from the ravings of an insane king. But they do not mention that our neighbor Orith is ruled by the brother of our own King Osric. They do not mention that this “war” is rooted in the petty jealousies of the brother kings.

But those of us who were there remember.

We remember the Syramain princess Elain who attracted – others will say seduced – the affections of them both. We remember the Princess being found dead in the palace courtyard, and Prince, now King, Amwain’s eventual exile. We remember the secession of Orith from our own kingdom of Magasa and battles followed. Let the truth be know that it is their stubborn desires that have fueled the many battles and my people hardships since.

In the first days, battles were fought by the regular army. Yet with every year, matters have escalated that much more. Where once the citizenry was sheltered from events, both parties now resort to conscription to fill their rolls. Where professional soldiers once fought and died for their pay, the folk of the working and merchant classes are sacrificed by the thousands.

Gods be that this conflict would end soon. I fondly yearn for a more the peaceful time…



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