Obsidian Fane

From the Journal of Loremaster Weekes

“When the Life Giver dies, all around is laid waste…”.

At least that is how the saying goes. Some say this comes from an ancient prophecy, but none that I have encountered has been unable to identify which one. The origins have so descended into the fogs of folklore that this is now but a colloquialism.

Many felt the truth would finally be learned when the Elves and other fey left this existence almost 40 generations ago. They expected a mighty cataclysm, but with exception for the seasonal drought, and an occasional crop blight, there has been no such catastrophe. And now the Elves are but a faint memory stirred only buy the occasional discovery of elven ruins. This is yet another mystery to which we may never know the reason.

But I have seen evidence that this may soon change…



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